Here you will find additional processes and attachments

that will add impact and value to your pin.

Make your design Pop with any of these upgrades.

Wizards 4Bear Print 5Glitter Button 1


Add FUN to your design with Glitter Colours!

Glitter Soft Enamel Colours are a great way to add a little Zing to your pin!

Best used as a focal point for your designs.



Give your pin a distinctive appearance with a Custom Metal Finish!

Antique Gold

Click for available Custom Finishes



Texture Ring

Available Background Textures

For a soft background that accentuates the highlights of your design,

we recommend a sand blasting.


Upgrade your pin with any of these Attachments and Backings!

Button Clutch
Click Here


Stars DanglyDangly3Dangles

Dangles are a great way to add that extra bit of Pizazz to your design.




Sparkler Sparklers

The eye catching flashing lights come in a variety of colours

to meet your design specifications. 





Cutout 1










Notice the negative spaces (marked by the red X). This is an example of a Cut Out. These take a few extra steps in the production process so they cost a little more. However the end result can be striking! 

Remember, Negative Space is an integral part of the design process.


GemstonesStar GemGemstones

We offer the both synthetic and natural gemstones.

These are an excellent addition to Recognition Pins.





Glow Guitar 3Glow in the Dark Soft Enamel


Want something a little different?

Try a Glow in the Dark Pin!





Presentation is Everything! 

Make your statement with Custom Packaging!

Velvet Jewelry Box