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3D Cast Pins

Excellent Quality

This process is your only choice for a three dimensional design, with or without colour. The main advantage of this process is that with the modern enamel, we can match the colors of your artwork or logo.


Process Look and Feel:

3D Compatible

Multiple finish plating colours

Bright Appearance

High Perceived Value

Colours match artwork



Base Metal: Pewter or Zinc

Process: Centrifugal Cast

Colours: Modern Cloisonné Enamel or Soft Enamel

Colour Process: Heat to 90ºC

Finish: Stone Grind, Polish


Available Plating:

  • Gold Shiny
  • Gold Antique
  • Silver Shiny
  • Silver Antique
  • Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Copper
  • Copper Antique



The 3D Cast Advantage:

  • Allows for 3D Design

  • High perceived value

  • Collectible

  • Durable

  • PMS Color Matching


Art: We can use your art if available. If you do not have art we can have our in-house artists create a design for you.

Production Time: Generally 2 to 3 weeks for production. Rush orders are available for an extra charge.

Due to the extremely varied nature of 3D designs, accurate estimates must be given during our quoting process. Please fill out a Click Quote form or call us for an accurate price quote


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