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Printed Pins

Very Good Quality

"Printed Pins are best used for designs that are very complex, require gradation of colour, or contain simple yet bold graphics.

Printing Processes:


Offset Printing:

This process is used for printing photographs as well as very complex images. If your image has multiple color shades or gradations, then this is the only choice. If you want a photo image in your design then Offset Printing is the process of choice!


Silk Screen Printing:

This is used for designs with solid colors and no gradation of the colors. Think of the printed signs you have seen around town. An interesting option when designing a screen printed pin is to use the base metal as a reflective metallic colour in your design. Screen printing is excellent for strong graphic designs.


Note: All Printed Pins come with a protective epoxy coating. This coating enhances the print colours and details!


In any of these printing processes, you have a choice of three base metals; Aluminum, Stainless Steel, or Brass.

  • Brass is best if you want your pin plated in bright gold or silver.
  • Stainless Steel is durable but can not be plated in gold.
  • Aluminum is certainly cost effective and offers light weight for shipping however, Aluminum can't be plated and is not a shiny metal. Instead, it has a softer appearance.


Process Look and Feel:

  • Multiple finish plating colours
  • Smooth feel epoxy protected
  • Bright Appearance
  • Easy Design Process
  • Exact duplication of art and photography



  • Base Metal: Brass, Steel or Aluminum
  • Process: Die Cutting
  • Colour Process: Print Screen or Print Photo
  • Finish: Polish and Protective Epoxy Coating


Available Plating:

  • Gold Shiny
  • Gold Antique
  • Silver Shiny
  • Silver Antique
  • Nickel
  • Black Nickel
  • Copper
  • Copper Antique


The Printed Advantage:

  • Beautiful Smooth Finish

  • Can Achieve Excellent Artistic Detail

  • Allows Photo Representations

  • Excellent for Trading

  • Long Lasting


Art: We can use your art if available. If you do not have art we can have our in-house artists create a design for you.

Production Time: Generally 2 to 3 weeks for production. Rush orders are available for an extra charge.

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